Our Team

Chris Lindquist, Executive Director x5123
Caroline Ford, Assistant Library Director , x5219
Monique Kucia, Library Business Manager, x5220
Greg Sieklicki, Facilities Manager, x5119

Barney Branch Library  x5301
Amy Rosenfield, Branch Services Assistant

Children’s Services  x5111
Ericka Bajrami, Director, Children’s Services, x5113
Laura DiLullo, Children’s Services Librarian, x5122
Trish Hart, Children’s Services Assistant, x5116
Paula Montes, Children’s Services Assistant, x5114
Eva Markuszka, Children’s Services Assistant, x5117
Patti Brady-Lux, Children’s Services Assistant, x5115
Pat Sidlovski, Children’s Department Aide
Vivian Young, Children’s Department Aide

Information Services  x5201
Caroline Ford, Assistant Library Director & Director of Information & Teen Services, x5219
Terry Matava, Interlibrary Loan, x5206
Anna Downing, Teen Services Assistant, x5210
Christine Edgar, Information Services Librarian, x5209
Melissa Graham, Information Services Librarian, x5205
Tara McLeod, Information Services Assistant, x5208
Harrison Trider, Information Technology Assistant, x5212
Shana Shea, Publicity, Marketing and Web Presence Librarian, x5211

Collection Management & Lending Services  x5101
Karen Cerasoli, Lending Services Manager, x5106
Mearle Brockelman
Pattie Purcell
Jodi Lewanda
MaryLynne Boisvert
Viviana Bruzas
Terry Moscaritolo
Amy Pittman