Meditation: The WOW Factor, Younger, Thinner, Healthier and More

Wednesday, October 4
7:00 PM
Main Library

Based on his own experience as a gerontologist and someone who has been meditating for many years, Dr. Matthew Raider will talk about what keeps you young even as your body ages. He will also explore the eternal nature of consciousness and explain how you can experience it for yourself.

Dr. Raider is a national speaker and a contributing author to the book “Meditation as Medication for the Soul” by Rajinder Singh. His chapter “Meditation: 25 Years Experience in Primary Care Medicine” chronicles meditation as it has moved from “being considered a fringe practice to now being called the secret to optimum health.”

A clinical physician and former faculty member at the University of Connecticut Medical School, he is currently coordinating director of the Geriatric Teaching Program in Family Medicine at Middlesex Hospital in Connecticut.

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