Maker Space Blog: Sarah Tries…The Die Cut Machine!


As the person who writes for the libraries’ Maker Space Blog, I feel that it is only fair that I try everything in the Maker Space at least once. So I’ve decided to create a mini series called “Sarah Tries…” which will feature all of my attempts at trying each piece of equipment or software housed here in the Maker Space. With the help of my fellow colleagues in the Reference Department, all who specialize in one or two of the available technologies in the space, I will attempt to learn, explore, and create something new using each piece of equipment. I’ll then report my results, successful or not, here on the blog.

Sarah Tries…The Die Cut Machine!

Today, Community Outreach and Media Coordinator Leah Farrell, helped me tackle the die cut machine to create some adorable chicken-shaped cut-outs for a special project we are working on for Adult Summer Reading.

You may be wondering what exactly a die cut machine is. You know that hand cramp you get from cutting the same paper shape over and over and over again? Well a die cut machine helps eliminate that tedious, and many times painful, task by allowing crafters to easily cut multiples of a particular shape or design out of paper in one simple motion. This machine uses a rotary press along with a wooden and foam “die” block that acts as a stencil using metal blades. The pressure of the rotary press allows the die to cut through multiple layers of paper as it is cranked through the press, resulting in perfectly punched cut-outs.

Here are some photos of me using the die cut machine to create the chicken shapes we wanted to make for our project:

My first attempt at the machine proved to be very successful and we now have a cute little stack of yellow chickens at hand. Curious what we plan on doing with them? Well stay tuned to see the final results within the next few days!

And don’t forget to give us a call at Adult Services if you are interested in learning how to use the die cut machine too! We would be more than happy to schedule a time to sit down with you and walk you through the process!

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