Maker Space Blog: Digital Quilting with iPads

This weekend the Farmington Libraries held its 4th Annual Maker Fair. Visitors from all over the area stopped by to design, experiment, tinker, create, and explore by participating in all of our engaging and innovative maker activities.

One of the activities that visitors were encouraged to try was our community art project located in the Maker Space. Participants used iPads to draw, paint, and doodle their own unique “digital” quilt squares to help create a large digital community quilt. As participants finished their squares, the quilt was updated on a large TV screen, so doodlers could see their creations front and center on the big screen. Here is the final result of our digital quilt project:



Participants had a blast experimenting with different colors and drawing tools featured on the free iPad drawing app called Paper 53. Participants were encouraged to draw anything they wanted, so it was warming to see images that were inspirational, colorful, and fun!

To see the final quilt up close, stop by our Maker Space on the second floor to see it projected on our Maker Space TV!

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