Maker Space: A Library with No Books

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Many of us have heard of little free libraries (DIY libraries that people can install themselves around their neighborhoods), and even cat libraries! But have you ever thought about what a technology library might be like?

According to NPR’s All Things Considered piece “In Omaha, A Library With No Books Brings Technology To All“, only technology can be found at Do Space, a technology library located in Omaha, Nebraska. While you won’t find any books at Do Space, the learning opportunities are endless. Do Space offers free access to a myriad of technological resources including computers, professional software, equipment including 3-D printers and laser cutters, and  a diverse selection of classes including Cyber Seniors, Little Labs, and Teen Hackers. It is also the go-to spot for students who want to game, design, and create.

“As director Rebecca Stavick tells visitors, it’s a logical evolution from traditional libraries.

“I’ve always thought of libraries as places full of tools. Books are tools, scrolls are tools, computers are tools,” she says. “This vision of bringing technology to everyone in the community, it just gets people very excited”  (All Things Considered, 2016).

This particular concept model has been catching the eyes of many public libraries across the country. It is that same spark of excitement that Stavick describes that has served as one of the many reasons The Farmington Libraries has decided to begin offering similar ideas and services with the creation of the library’s new Maker Space.

But don’t worry, the Farmington Libraries has no plans to get rid of its books any time soon. So the next time you’re here checking out your next summer read, don’t forget to stop by the Maker Space and say hello!

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