Farmington Library Oral History Project

Fascinating recollections of events about local history by local people! Listen as Farmington Residents share their memories of important events and the way of life in town as it grew from the 1920s through the 1950s.

These interviews are actual recordings of local long-standing residents of Farmington and Unionville. Listen as they remember horse and sleigh rides, parades, hardships and friendships; Center School and Farmington High School; the trolleys; the ’55 flood. Their stories bring you back to days gone by and give you a sense of the rhythm of life in their childhood.

The following twenty-two residents have been interviewed:

Claire Albrecht
Margaret Bagdigian
Gloria Holcombe Barlow
Irma Staples Bush
M. I. Cake
Jack Crockett
David Douglass
Hope Emery
Robert Gilespie
Anna Judatz Grise
Martha Beissner Hale
John Hanrahan
Arthur Haworth
Russell Hunter
Josephine Ingram
Paul Ingram
Arlene Judd Olson and Mildred Judd Ross
Betty Kelly
Henry Mason
Amalio Rosati
Larry Rose
Leroy “Bud” Sheely
John Slater
Amy Spirito
George Stutz
Harriet Taft
Jeremiah Wadsworth
Gertrude Wheeler
Peg Yung

How to review these histories?

Read the transcripts and listen to the audio recordings here.

Borrow the edited interviews from the Farmington Room in the main library. Most of them include photos and some of them other historical material.

Listen to actual recordings in the Farmington Room.