Highly Sensitive Children

Tuesday, May 2
7:00 PM
Main Library

Is your child/Has your older child been:

  • Shy, “fussy”, fearful of new situations?
  • A vivid dreamer, distressed by scary movies, and prone to hurt feelings?
  • Showing thought beyond her/his years as well as a high level of compassion?

Your child may be a highly sensitive child/teen. Roughly 20% of the population is Highly Sensitive, which is an inborn trait that does not change throughout life. This program will help dispel the mystery behind the term “Highly Sensitive” and give parents and caretakers an insight into how young people with this nature operate in the world. It will also give guidance in helping them to thrive in a not so sensitive world.

Presenter Maura Harris is an educational therapist and learning strategist who has worked with many highly sensitive children, pre-teens, and teens for the past 15 years.  She holds a Master’s degree from the University of Saint Joseph in Special Education. She, herself, is a highly sensitive person and has studied this subject since that realization, which came in her teens. She has an educational therapy practice in West Hartford, SEA Educational Support, where she supports students socially, and emotionally, and academically during their school years.

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