Forgetting Names and Keys? Is this Normal or Alzheimer’s?

Tuesday, May 9
6:30 PM
Main Library

We all have ‘senior’ moments. At what point should we worry? Come learn about brain health and changes associated with aging, Alzheimer’s and other dementias.

A person living with Alzheimer’s and a specialist from the Alzheimer’s Resource Center will present this interactive workshop along with information on grant funded resources including memory screens, brain fitness classes, support groups, coaching and counseling services available to Farmington area residents through an Older Americans Act grant from the North Central Area Agency on Aging.

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Stephani Shivers

Stephani Shivers has a diverse background in clinical practice, teaching, program development and administration. Her 25+ years of experience includes work throughout the US and internationally in higher education, non-profit, disability and community service organizations, and in healthcare as an occupational therapist. As the Director of Community Innovations she leads the Alzheimer’s Resource Center’s development of new services and opportunities for people living with dementia at home, their families, and partners in life, community and care.

Stephani’s forte lies in coaching people to maximize their abilities, promote well-being and resilient living. She developed one of the first home based occupational therapy programs in the country specifically for people with Alzheimer’s disease, and founded a multi-disciplinary association for dementia care therapists. Through federal and private grant funding, she is actively developing new programs and services in partnership with local organizations, providers and communities. Stephani is a certified Dementia Care Practitioner, Skills2Care© clinician, Eden at Home Associate, and LeadingAge National Leadership Academy Fellow who teaches nationally on topics related to dementia. She received her Bachelor of Arts from the University of Toledo Honors Program and her Masters of Education in Occupational Therapy (OT) from Springfield College.

Robert Savage

Bob Savage is an advocate and social change agent for people affected by Alzheimer’s Disease. As a person living with the symptoms and diagnosis of Alzheimer’s since 2015, Bob is actively challenging social perceptions and stigmas. He is passionate to open new possibilities for people with Alzheimer’s and to promote early diagnosis. Bob is a founding member of a peer support and advocacy group comprised of people experiencing cognitive changes from dementia. He has also created a first of its kind, artistic event which highlights the “light” that can be found after an Alzheimer’s diagnosis.

Bob has over 50 years of directing and developing new programs, 30+ as an employee of the State of Connecticut. His public and professional service leaves a legacy of hope for marginalized people who now access programs and treatment for HIV/AIDS, drug, alcohol and substance abuse, and frailty because of Bob’s life work. His instrumental role in the creation and management of the Connecticut Community for Addiction Recovery also has national and international impact through its realization as the gold standard program for community based recovery. Bob’s lived experience, passion for advocacy and professional experience uniquely qualifies him as a leader in the field of Alzheimer’s and dementia.

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