Farmington Room Blog: Avon, Old Farms

I normally wait until a little later in the week to share items from the Farmington Room with you, but I came across this gem while cataloging today and knew I had to post it as soon as possible!  You might remember that I’ve posted some of our Avon Old Farms memorabilia before, but this one really took me by surprise.Inside what I must say is a rather nondescript book are stored some truly beautiful plates, as well as an interesting look into Avon Old Farms’ past.


Isn’t this beautiful? I love how vivid the red has remained.

The book is basically a brochure telling prospective students and their parents about the benefits, curriculum, tuition, and other pertinent details of the school.  It’s very interesting and well worth a read, but the plates are really something to see.  There are twelve loose plates stored in an envelope in the back of the book, as well as the stunning title page above and a beautiful, stylized map of southern New England.


The layout of the school as designed by Theodate Pope Riddle.




“Sweet Enemy” looks like quite a majestic horse.

It does look like the book and plates sustained some damage at some point in the past, but all in all they’ve held up remarkably well and are a beautiful part of our collection here.

If you’d like to take a look at more items like this, stop by the Farmington Room on Tuesday or Wednesday mornings between 9:00am and Noon!

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