Farmington Homes

Farmington has been called “The Village of Beautiful Houses” (Brandegee & Smith, 1906). The library is home to three separate collections, which detail and document the rich array of “beautiful homes” that make up our community.

They are:

  • The File of Farmington Homes: turn of the century list made by Mrs Wilmarth Lewis on notecards detailing the transfer of property back to the original land grant owner. Includes photo (on photo paper). Caution: Deed info follows land and not the house (as many homes are newer than the info listed on the deed.)
  • The Prentice Collection: 1960s collection of interviews made by Mr. Dudley Prentice with copies housed in both libraries and the Historical Society.
  • Architectural Survey: 1980s study commissioned by the Historical Society, the Friends of the Library and other community organizations done by the Middletown Land Trust and housed in the Farmington Room. Considered the most throroughly researched work on the subject of Farmington homes. Include many Unionville properties. Includes many b/w photos.

View the File of Farmington Homes here