Executice Director Jay Johnston’s Reflections on 9/11

I remember SUS-flag-Florida-Bridgeeptember 11, 2001, as vividly as yesterday — a clear azure sky and an autumnal nip for punctuation. It was a beautiful day filled with anticipation and yet within a few moments everything began to unravel. The first plane seemed to be OK, just pilot error, but no, this second plane was  not an error but clearly intentional suicide and its fall-out was unmistakably about to change everything that was into everything that is not.

As I write this exactly twelve years later, I look to the clear blue and wonder how those who lost their lives and their families are today?  I hope they are healed and able to enjoy this lovely Fall day without the ghosts of the past yet, you see, I rode the train with a few who worked in Building One whom I would occasionally see from afar or give a wave. And, those ghosts are with me now and I can see them smile which gives me strength and belief in the future. I hope we will never forget and always keep those who passed with us in memorial and in spirit.

(This post was originally written on September 11, 2012. For original entry, click here.)

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