Medium and Paranormal Author Sydney Sherman Speaks to a Full House . . . Literally

DSC00217 On Saturday, November 9, medium and paranormal author Sydney Sherman spoke to a full house about her book, “You Are Not Alone: Our Loved Ones Are Here…You’re Just Not Listening.”  And to say that it was a full house is no understatement . . . in addition to the crowded room of attendees were the spirits that accompanied each person into the space.  Ms. Sherman even commented on the overwhelming buzz of spirit energy that hummed throughout the crowd and how she had learned over the years to ignore these energies and be able to focus, which was no small feat on Saturday as she mentioned two specific spirits who were either quite “spirited” in trying to get her attention or would not stop talking throughout!

Through countless stories and good humor, Ms. Sherman shared some of her experiences with the spirit world and how she at first came to understand and accept her gift. As a founder of Connecticut Ghost Hunters, she also has experience investigating paranormal occurrences and debunking myths about the spirit world and the afterlife.

She believes thatDSC00219 everyone has the ability to interact with the spirit world, but that some of us are more in tune with it than others. To help people to practice honing these skills, she provides workshops for those interested in learning more. Visit her web site:  for more information. Information is also located in the book, which was available for sale and signing at the event.

Sydney Sherman shared a glimpse into a part of life that most people do not know or completely understand, and helped provide some peace and clarity when answering the many questions from our curious attendees. The interest was such that we could have spent all day talking about this fascinating subject!




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