March of Dimes visits the Farmington Libraries

From left to right: Jodi Lewanda; Director of Farmington Libraries, Laura Horn; and Associate Executive Director of March of Dimes, Deborah Poudrier-Fafard.

The Farmington Libraries ended the winter season with a successful Sit-n’-Knit class, led by our in-house knitting expert Jodi Lewanda. Under Jodi’s tutelage, Farmington Libraries patrons learned to knit squares of yarn and then sew them together to make baby blankets for March of Dimes. Thank you to Deborah Poudrier-Fafard, the Associate Executive Director of March of Dimes (Glastonbury, CT chapter) , the talented Jodi Lewanda, and the dedicated patrons of the Farmington Libraries for their parts in this wonderful community project.

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