Maker Space: Sarah Tries Maker Camp

20160728_142008Every summer The Farmington Libraries participates in hosting in a multi-session program for kids & teens called Maker Camp. Kids are encouraged to explore the process of creating and making by taking part in a wide variety of hands-on crafts and projects. This week I wanted to try it out for myself with the help of Anna Boisvert, the Teen Services Assistant who coordinates and leads each Maker Camp workshop during the summer.

20160728_144638This week’s project involved using felt fabric and circuitry to create a mini monster with light-up eyes. Participants, including myself, were provided with paper templates of different shapes that we could trace, cut out, and assemble using the felt. We were also encouraged to create our own designs if so inclined. Surprisingly, a lot of us took that route, cutting out unique accessories and facial features for our little creatures!

After the designing process, Anna showed us how to give 20160728_144850our monsters glowing eyes by explaining the basic concepts of circuitry by hooking up an L.E.D. light to small batteries. After getting the eyes lit up and in place, a little bit of hot-glue helped us fasten everything together to finish our little felt friends!

Below are some photos of other finished monsters made by our teen participants!



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