Maker Space: Sarah Tries Embroidering


20160811_153108Both the embroidery machine and sewing machine are by far two of the most requested pieces of equipment to get trained on here at the library’s Maker Space. We have already seen trained patrons returning to the space to use the machines for their own personal sewing projects and crafts. After seeing so many amazing ideas and designs come to life using these machines, I figured it was finally
time to make my own training appointment!20160811_154229

Teen Services Assistant, Anna, walked me through the steps of using the embroidery machine where I learned how to thread the machine, choose my design, and create my own text. Diving in with already moderate experience using a sewing machine, I found that I felt very comfortable threading and navigating the different parts of the embroidery machine. However, navigating the settings on the touch screen to adjust different parts of my design did seem a little overwhelming at first. But Anna helped me understand each function and option on the touch screen, ultimately helping me to create the exact design that intended to make.


My training session and completion of my final product took about and hour all together – which is the standard for Anna’s training sessions on either of the sewing machines.

To sign up for your own training session with Anna on either the embroidery or sewing machine, stop by or call Adult Services at 860-673-6791. We will be more than happy to help you set up and appointment!

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