Maker Space Blog: Favorite 3D Printing Videos

Trying to explain what 3D printing is can be a very tricky task. As librarians here at the Farmington Libraries, we are very lucky to be immersed in new, emerging technology on a daily basis, so it is easy for us to understand how things like 3D printing works, and exactly what it is capable of. However, when it comes to actually explaining how 3D printing works using just words to those unfamiliar with this kind of technology, it can be really difficult.

A few months ago I was trying to explain to my older brother about our 3D printers here at the library, and even though he is rather tech-savvy himself, no matter how I explained it, or what terminology or analogies I tried to use, he just didn’t quiet understand what I was talking about. So it wasn’t until I pulled out my phone and showed him videos of 3D printers in action that he started to understand – and he was really impressed!

The following videos of 3D printers are some of my favorite that I have stumbled upon over the past few months that I also think will help those unfamiliar with 3D printing better understand how it works, and what these printers are capable of. I’ve personally always found time-lapse videos mesmerizing to watch, so whether you are a 3D printing pro, or just hearing about 3D printing for the first time, I think many will find these videos enjoyable to watch!


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