Become a Programmer

Get the essential skills and tools to become a successful computer programmer with Lynda Library’s “Become a Programmer” tutorial series. Learn the fundamental concepts and practices that are critical to the task of coding – no matter what language you choose! Develop the knowledge to begin programming in any language, connect programming theory to practice real life scenarios, and learn and apply best practices from experts in the field.

Tutorials include:

  • Programming Foundations: Fundamentals with Simon Allardice
  • Programming Foundations: Object-Oriented Design with Simon Allardice
  • Programming Foundations: Real-World Examples with Barron Stone
  • Programming Foundations: Databases with Simon Allardice
  • Learning Git and GitHub with Ray Villalobos
  • Programming Foundations: Software Quality Assurance with Aaron Dolberg
  • Insights from David D. Levine Writer Designer and Engineer with David D. Levine

To start using today, simply sign up using your Farmington Library Card, and begin accessing video tutorials and curated Learning Paths for free! For additional questions on how to use, please visit the Information Services Desk, call us at 860-673-6791, or email us at FLREF@FARMINGTONLIBRARIES.ORG.

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