Independent Film Series: Winter Showings

men-go-to-battle-poster MEN GO TO BATTLE (2016)
Monday, December 12, 6:30 PM
Kentucky, 1861. Most Americans predict that the Civil War will end by Christmas. Bracing for another winter on their struggling farm, brothers Henry (Tim Morton) and Francis Mellon (David Maloney) have become suffocatingly close. Francis’ practical jokes have become more and more aggressive until he accidentally injures Henry in a drunken fight. Then, after humiliating himself in front of a daughter (Rachel Korine) of the town’s preeminent family, Henry disappears in the night. Only months later does Francis learn that Henry has joined the Union army, leaving each brother to find out separately what the approaching war will bring. Not rated. 98 minutes. Please register.

mad-tigerMAD TIGER (2016)
Tuesday, January 10, 6:30 PM
Peelander-Z bandmates Yellow (Kengo Hioki) and Red (Kotaro Tsukada) have been best friends and business partners for fifteen years. When Red announces that he will do one final tour before quitting the band, Yellow is left dealing with emotions of shock, betrayal and abandonment – all in stark contrast to his super-positive “Crayola rock” persona. Channeling universal stories of friendship and separation, the documentary builds to an unexpectedly moving crescendo, appropriately befitting of Peelander-Z’s cacophonous melody-making and unforgettable stage antics. Not rated. 82 minutes. Please register.

mylovedontcrossthatriverMY LOVE, DON’T CROSS THAT RIVER (2016)
Tuesday, February 7, 6:30 PM
A blockbuster in its native Korea, where it would go on to become the country’s most successful independent film of all time, this documentary presents an unforgettable story of true love that transcends both generations and cultures. “100-year old lovebirds,” Byong-Man Jo and Gye-Yeul Kang, have been inseparable companions for 76 years. Observing this fragil couple for 15 months, director Mo-Young Jin acts as a fly-on-the-wall, capturing the tender moments of their twilight days as the two face the inevitable reality that their time together will soon be approaching an end. Not rated. 86 minutes. Please register.

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