Independent Film Series: Spring Showings

Tuesday, March 21, 6:30 PM

French Army Captain Antares Bonassieu (Jeremie Renier) and his squad are assigned to monitor the remote Wakhan valley in Afghanistan on the border of Pakistan. Occupied by local shepherds and Taliban sympathizers, this so-called “calm sector” quickly turns volatile when men from both sides of the conflict start to disappear one by one. Desperate to rescue their missing comrades, the soldiers soon find themselves trapped in an existential nightmare, unable to explain who or what is behind this chilling mystery. Not rated. 104 minutes. Please register.

Tuesday, April 25, 6:30 PM
“It’s an easy job. With little luck you’re back home before noon…” That’s the call Schneider (Tom Dewispelaere), a hitman, receives on the morning of his birthday. Reluctantly, he accepts the job and learns to identity of his target: Ramon Bax (Alex van Warmerdam), a writer who lives alone in seclusion. Unfortunately for Schneider, what should be a simple hit turns into anything but, when he finds out Bax has more than a few suprises up his sleeve. Not rated. 96 minutes. Please register.


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