The Friends of the Farmington Libraries

nhcircle-for-friends2015aThe Organization

The Friends of the Farmington Libraries is a supportive group which as approximately 700 members with a working committee of 35-40. Membership is open to anyone. The annual fee is $15 for an individual and $20 for a family. Sustaining and Patron memberships are also available for a larger donation.

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Upcoming Events

Specialty Book Sale
Saturday, February 17, 2018
9:00 – 11:00 AM
Farmington Main Library

This is an eclectic collection of books on a variety of art forms (etching, engraving, bookplate making, illustrating), artisans (etchers, engravers, printers and photographers illustrators, marine & water fowl painters) as well as the art of book collecting, construction, illustration, and famous illustrators (Kate Greenaway, Pennell, Rockwell Kent, J. J. Lankes, Gill).

For the bibliophile several sets of books will also be available:

1. 60 leather-bound, gilt embossed books by Easton Press from their collector’s series ($10 each)
2. The Chronicles of America Series (Johnson editor) 50 Vols. $75
3. Pageant of America – Liberty Bell edition (2 numbered sets) $75

Books are reasonably priced for the dealer, collector or artisan.

A partial listing of books is available upon request:

Cash, check or credit cards accepted.


Donation Guidelines:
We are very grateful for your donations! Without your generosity, we would not be able to raise
money as we (Friends) do at our yearly book sales & BOOK NOOK, which benefit the many
library programs we all enjoy.

Based on our experience with donations, we do have to impose some guidelines as to age and
condition of the books. We can no longer take old books, especially those that have been
basement/garage or attic stored and those books where dates are important to their content. All
donated books need to be CLEAN, not torn or tattered or written in.

As you collect books for donation, consider these rules:
• No adult hardcover fiction books before 2012
• No travel guides, finance, medical/health/diet books before 2012
• No computer books, ‘IDIOTS’ & ‘DUMMIES’ books before 2014
• No audiocassettes or VHS tapes
• No magazines, encyclopedias or Reader’s Digest books
• No large sets of books before 2010 except for classics

We especially like to receive the following:
• Materials & books about Farmington & New England
• Large print books
• Recent bestsellers for adults and children
• All ages children’s books, hardcover and paperback
• Clean copies of classics, poetry, literature & foreign language
• Non-fiction books on science, business, parenting, self-help, history, politics, religion, travel, etc.
• Cookbooks & gardening books
• “Coffee Table” or other special interest books (antiques, collectibles, art, etc.)
• CD’s, DVD’s, books on CD
• Unique vintage books that are clean and intact

Tax Statements:
If you would like a receipt for tax purposes, please ask at the circulation desk.

Others helpful suggestions:
If possible, please limit your donations to one or two boxes or bags at a time. Donations may be brought to the circulation desks at the Barney Library or main Farmington Library throughout the year.

Don’t forget to “shop” our BOOK NOOK throughout the year!

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