Farmington Room Blog: Connecticut Vacation Resorts, 1946

It’s such a rainy day today, and I wanted to move away from the murder mystery we’ve been focusing on recently.  Luckily, this gem fell right into my lap–literally!  It was tucked away in the back of a book that I was cataloging, and I thought it might brighten up an otherwise dreary day.DSC01357Put out by the Connecticut Development Commission in 1946, Connecticut Vacation Resorts gives the intrepid traveler information about a variety of scenic lodgings from around the state.  As it was published by the State itself, it doesn’t give recommendations; it’s up to you to find the good ones!

DSC01358Let’s all just take a moment to imagine a beautiful summer day by a lovely Nutmeg State lake.  It won’t be long until that vision becomes reality (at least according to the groundhog!).

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