Farmington Libraries’ 8th Annual Kristallnacht Lecture With Margot Jeremias

KristallnachtOn Monday, November 10, 2014, at 10:00 a.m., the Farmington Libraries hosted its 8th Annual Kristallnacht lecture with speaker Margot Jeremias.

Margot Jeremias grew up in Germany and was seven years-old when Hitler came to power. She witnessed Kristallnacht firsthand, and, for the two years that followed, suffered under the much different and frightening Nazi regime until being separated from her family and deported to a concentration camp in France in 1940. She endured life in the camp for two and a half years before going into hiding in France from 1942 to 1944. In this talk, Ms. Jeremias shared her tale of survival and her post-war life in the United States.

Kristallnacht, also referred to as the Night of Broken Glass, was a series of coordinated attacks against Jews throughout Nazi Germany and parts of Austria on November 9-10, 1938. German authorities looked on as SA paramilitary and civilians carried out these attacks and covered the streets with broken glass from the windows of Jewish-owned stores, buildings, and synagogues. At least 91 Jews were killed in the attacks, and a further 30,000 arrested and incarcerated in concentration camps. Jewish homes, hospitals, and schools were ransacked, over 1,000 synagogues were burned, and over 7,000 Jewish businesses were destroyed or damaged. This annual event at the Farmington Libraries commemorates the human spirit’s ability to overcome such persecution.

You may watch a video of this lecture on our Youtube channel.

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