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Annual Report 2016 – 2017

In Fiscal Year 2011-12, I reported the state of Farmington Libraries as “Diverse, Dynamic, Efficient, and Innovative: different in program development, proactive in customer focus, effective in increased operations, and innovative in service delivery.” I also stated, “Although technology is important; relationships and personal service, especially as a long-term investment, are essential. Because it is through these relationships that we hear the community’s voice by listening closely while gaining a direction to a successful future.”

Today I am thrilled to note that we continue to hold those precepts true as we work to build a stronger and more robust community.

Fiscal Year 2016-17 was a milestone year for the Libraries: first, the enunciation and discovery of the past with our 100th Anniversary celebrations; and second, looking to the future of the Libraries as we developed our Long Range Plan. These seemingly disparate elements constitute the basis for melding our best historical qualities into our next iteration of community programming.

Looking ahead offers an exciting opportunity to study trends, conduct research, compile data, and develop plans. Looking back, we see solid examples of what works well: connecting kids and families with reading, providing carefully curated collections of books and electronic media, being the preferred destination for the community, and offering excellent programs and services.

Looking Forward
Though planning for the future is exciting, it can also seem chaotic and overwhelming, especially in our fast-evolving digital world. This must have been what it felt like to witness the flurry of change in the automobile industry during the early 20th-century: steering wheels versus joysticks, windshields versus goggles, gas versus steam engines. Similarly, the late 20th-century computer industry saw  the beginnings of the rapid development that brought about our current tech-immersed world. Upon close examination, the information and literary market of today is experiencing similar changes; we see a landscape of e-books, audiobooks, databases, social media, maker spaces, media labs, and now immersive technologies which expand traditional 2-D communication models into a 3-D space.

These emerging technologies produce opportunities and challenges, while presenting unprecedented choices and directions that requiring new thinking, strategic vision, and technical knowledge. Therefore, to succeed, our service delivery must continuously evolve with active Library team and Board participation.

Long Range Plan
This year began with a fresh and spirited mission: The Farmington Libraries partner with the community to provide free access to services, experiences, and resources that offer opportunities to explore, create, and share ideas. The next step in our process was to create a new and flexible Long Range Plan. In that spirit, the Board and Library Team worked to develop, produce, and carry out a new plan for both tactical and strategic purposes. We created this plan without the use of a consultant, with startling results. While our 100th Anniversary celebrations allowed us to explore the Farmington Libraries’ evolution from subscription enterprises to free public libraries, our goal was not simply to look back and enjoy the progress made, but rather to find new answers to cyclical and future needs in alignment with our values and mission.

This Annual Report is about what the Libraries team, Board of Trustees and stakeholders have achieved together, and where we are headed. It is a statement of community and purpose derived from a continuous, protracted and concentrated search for effective direction.


Jay Johnston

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