Director’s College: When God Looked Down and Wept

2015-05-11-niles-jWednesday, September 7, 2016
7:00 PM
Main Library

This incredible story is one that was almost not told. Out of the millions that were imprisoned and perished in Nazi concentration camps during World War II, Benjamin survived the Mauthausen sub-camp at Melk and the hellish nightmare that was Gunskirchen. Benjamin immigrated to the United States and became a respected public school teacher. So imagine his horror when, one day, he was unceremoniously fired for being “Too Jewish.”

When Boston-based civil rights attorney and author, Frederick Golder, heard about the ‘reason’ for Benjamin’s dismissal he took on the case—pro bono. During meetings for the purpose of putting together a lawsuit, Benjamin slowly and painfully related the details of his ordeal to the author. “When God Looked Down and Wept” is the result. It is an account of one man’s physical and spiritual endurance as well as his battle against discrimination and for the First Amendment right to freedom of religious expression.

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