Director’s College – Theodate Pope Riddle’s Last Will and Testament

TheodatePopeLusitania2-610x491WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 10, 2016
7:00 PM

Theodate Pope Riddle (1867-1946), architect, philanthropist, and survivor of the sinking of the RMS Lusitania, is an important figure in Farmington Valley History. She designed Hill-Stead, the family estate (now Hill-Stead Museum) in Farmington, and designed and founded Avon Old Farms School. Hon. Evelyn M. Daly, Esq, will give a presentation on Theodate Pope Riddle’s Last Will and Testament, which, among other contributions, established Hill-Stead as a museum open to the public.

Hon. Evelyn M. Daly, Esq is the Probate Judge for Farmington. In addition to overseeing decedents’ estates and trusts, the Probate Courts handles a wide range of sensitive issues affecting children, the elderly, persons with intellectual disability, and individuals with psychiatric disabilities.

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