Director’s College: The Beatles and The Rolling Stones

rolling_stones_beatles_400Thursday, October 27, 2016
7:00 PM
Main Library

Ask anybody to name two English rock bands from the 1960s and the response will likely be The Beatles and The Rolling Stones. But despite often being portrayed as rivals in the media, the two groups were actually quite friendly towards each other, both socially and musically. This 60-minute presentation will compare and contrast the two through musical examples and interviews with the band members to illustrate the relationship between The Beatles & The Rolling Stones.

America’s only professional Beatles scholar, Aaron Krerowicz won a research grant through the University of Hartford in November 2011 to study the band and has the authored three books on the subject.

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The Director’s College is an ongoing series at the Farmington Libraries, the aim of which is to present interesting and intellectual programs for our community. These events strive to cover a wide range of areas including, but not limited to, professorial lectures, performing arts events, travelogues, and topics of local interest.

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