Adult Services

Adult Services

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The Adult Information Services Department at the Farmington Library welcomes you! For your convenience we offer the following services:

Interlibrary Loan

Interlibrary loans can be requested by Farmington Library cardholders by visiting the Adult Information Services Department, calling us at (860)673-6791, or by emailing us at flref(at)farmingtonlibraries[dot]org.

Temporary Interlibrary Loan Service Changes
To: Interlibrary loan customers
Date: May 1, 2015
Re: Interlibrary Loan Service – Temporary Changes

Connecticut’s State Librarian, Kendall Wiggin, has had difficult decisions to make as of late regarding the future of state funded library services. “Faced with a nearly $100,000 reduction in funding for iConn and reQuest this fiscal year and each of the next two fiscal years…”, Mr. Wiggin has decided to maintain the current iConn databases and replace reQuest, which is the system used for processing interlibrary loans. The current online automated system will be stopped in June 2015 and a new open source system is expected to be in place sometime in the fall of 2015. The interim solution requires the following temporary changes take place on May 15, 2015; traditional services will resume when the new system is in place.

1. We will continue to provide multiple copies of titles to the five book groups that are sponsored by the Library. The Library will be selecting five titles and purchasing multiple copies of them for the five groups to select from while the new system is being created. When the new system is implemented in the fall, these book groups will be able to return to their normal book selection process.
2. Outside book groups, those not sponsored by the library, will not be able to interlibrary loan multiple copies of titles beginning May 15, 2015.
3. Farmington residents may continue to request items from other libraries, but may only have a total of three items in process/checked-out at any given time.

The Farmington Libraries recognize that this change in services may be disruptive for those residents who regularly use the interlibrary loan system. Please know that we will make every effort to keep things running as smoothly as possible during this transitional period.

I wish to thank you for your understanding and continued support during this difficult time and I am happy to answer any questions you may have regarding these changes.


Laura A. Horn, M.S.
Director, Information Services

Art Exhibit Space Reservations and Juried Art Shows

Farmington Libraries art shows are part of an initiative to foster an understanding in the community that Farmington Libraries represent not only high quality literature, learning, and entertainment, but also high quality art. These exhibitions gather together diverse local talent in one place, allowing for a broader and more nuanced view of what the Connecticut art scene has to offer.

Interested in displaying your art? Call Leah Farrell, Community Services and Media Coordinator at 860-673-6791 x212.

Room Reservations

The Library has meeting rooms that are available for public use. These rooms must be reserved in advance. PLEASE NOTE THAT OUR ROOM RESERVATION PROCEDURES HAVE CHANGED EFFECTIVE OCTOBER 21, 2014. PLEASE SEE BELOW FOR DETAILS ON HOW TO RESERVE A ROOM.

Meeting Room Procedures

Board Room & Community Room Reservations at the Main Library

To reserve one of the board rooms or the community room at the main library please complete our online form here.

Children’s Program Room Reservations

To reserve one of the Children’s Department program rooms please contact Anna Eisen either by phone at 860-673-6791 x1 for the Main Library and x2 for the Children’s Department or by email here.

Barney Library Room Reservations

To reserve one of the rooms at the Barney Library located at 71 Main Street, please contact the Barney Library staff by phone at 860-673-6791 x2 for the Barney Library.

Meeting Room Application for Barney Library Only

Meet the Team

Laura Horn, Director, Information Services

Laura Horn
Director, Information Services

Terry Matava, Interlibrary Loan

Terry Matava
Information Services Assistant

Anna Boisvert, Teen Services Assistant

Anna Boisvert, Teen Services Assistant

Melissa Graham, Information Services Librarian

Melissa Graham, Information Services Librarian

Lyn Kelly, Information Services Assistant

Lyn Kelly, Information Services Assistant

Sarah Mias, Information Services Assistant

Sarah Mias, Information Services Assistant